20 sounds that every parent will recognize

20 sounds that every parent will recognize

As a mother - or father - you develop some kind of antenna at one point. As soon as you hear it, you know what's going on. Here's a list of 20 things that you'll instantly recognize

Sudden silence. This means only one thing: your child is doing something you won't be happy with.

The crackle of a bag. This means that your child has probably opened a bag of chips and has scattered the contents throughout the living room.

The sound of small pebbles falling to the ground. Your child has opened a bag of M & Ms and dropped them everywhere.

The tune of baby / toddler / toddler tv.

"Music". You are now sure that your child is not a second Beethoven.

A very loud sigh. They want attention.

The toilet flushing, several times. There goes the toilet roll.

A balloon popping. Crying child in 3...2...1...

Your child who coughs, again, and again, and again.

A roaring cry. Either way: time for hugs and kisses.

Whispers. Here comes trouble ...

Hard whispering. Here comes BIG trouble ...

A sound from your baby, followed by a noise from the diaper. Time to change it ...

Endless giggling during a tickle-session.

Breaking glass. There goes your vase.

The sound of feet running away. Definitely trouble.

That sound of that annoying toy. Your child found the toy that you hid.

Feet in the hallway. Your child is awake too early.

"Uh oh" here comes HUGE troule.

"I love you"

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