20 baby names inspired by birds

20 baby names inspired by birds

Choosing a baby name can be very difficult, so sometimes we compose lists for you to be inspired. Today we have a a list inspired by birds!

Girls' names

  1. Ava (like a bird)
  2. Jaylee (bird in the field)
  3. Jenna (small bird)
  4. Marlon (small hawk)
  5. Merel (blackbird) 
  6. Paloma (dove)
  7. Phoenix (phoenix)
  8. Raven (raven)
  9. Robin (robin)
  10. Teal (both the bird and the color)

Boys' names

  1. Arne (mighty eagle)
  2. Falco (falcon)
  3. Gavin (white hawk)
  4. Jay (Jay)
  5. Jonah (dove)
  6. Manu (means bird in Maori)
  7. Tit (titmouse)
  8. Noud (eagle)
  9. Phoenix (phoenix)
  10. Robin (robin)

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