19 things that every new parent does

19 things that every new parent does

19 things that every new-born parent does! So don't worry :P

'Arty' take pictures of your baby's feet or his / her hand in yours.

Trusting some family with baby but not others. "Just give me a moment."

Popping in to see if baby is still breating

Keeping them close so they can't hurt themselves.

Thinking that baby has such a wonderful personality even while she screams.

Having a mental breakdown because you think you're not suitable as a mother / father.

Use your baby as an excuse. "Sorry I did not get back right away, I was feeding." While you were just watching The Bachelor.

Take a long, extended shower.

Think that your baby is more fun, prettier and smarter than other babies.

Panic if someone sneezes near your baby.

Imagine everything you will do with your child in the future.

Criticize other parents.

Discuss who the baby looks like while it just looks like a baby.

Hoping that the cord falls off soon.

Gently touch the fontanel.

Ignore Advice.

Be afraid to cut your baby's nails.

Worry about going to the doctor

And of course: endlessly staring at and hugging your baby.

Source: Buzzfeed

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