19 signs that it's time for a date night

19 signs that it

Since becoming a mother, all your free time goes to your children. Going out? Drinking wine? It seems like your last wine in the city with your loved one was sometime back in 1993. High time for some quality time!

Because yes, after all, you are not only parents but also lovers. And that is why it is important that you occasionally make time for each other to do fun things together, really talk to each other again and make you beautiful. Is it necessary? If you recognise these 19 signs, then it's time to paint the town red together again.

Time for action!

  • In all the conversations you have had with your husband in the past few months, the word {child's name here} always appeared at least ten times.
  • Sex? The last time? Was not that somewhere last summer somewhere during that heat wave?
  • There is now a thick layer of dust on your heels.
  • Just like your party dresses that have been lying somewhere in the corner of your wardrobe for months.
  • Makeup? What's that?
  • It's good that you always do the laundry otherwise you would not have known what color boxershorts your lover has.
  • The only time that you and your loved one are together without children or other distractions is when you sleep.
  • Your partner has been suspiciously hinting lately that he would love to see you in something that wasn't sweatpants.
  • You have not seen your babysitter for so long that you do not recognize her when you meet her.
  • You know the entire Netflix repertoire by heart.
  • The only concerts you've been to for years were on Youtube while you had your headphones in for six precious minutes.
  • Your colleagues do not even ask on Monday morning what your weekend was like since you never get beyond household chores and the playground around the corner.
  • Your biggest outing in recent months was the petting zoo two blocks away.
  • You do not even know what it's like to eat your dinner without yelling and tomato sauce that you have to wipe off the wall.
  • Shave? You wonder if you still have razor blades lying around somewhere in the house.
  • If colleagues or girlfriends ask how your lover is doing, your response is: "No idea actually ...."
  • On uour birthday or anniversary you will not get further than a drill as a gift; he has to hang that shelf in the nursery.
  • You talk to your lover more often via WhatsApp than in real life.
  • You speak baby-speak to each other accidentally

Do you often have a date night with your loved one?

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