17 signs that your husband isn't quite ready yet

17 signs that your husband isn

Yay, you are (for the first time) parents! You are looking forward to an exciting and fun time, but also a time of learning a lot of new things. You prepare yourself to the last detail and read the half internet with regards to pregnancy and children. But him..? 17 signs that he is not ready for it yet ...

1. When you talk about the afterbirth, he has no idea what you mean.

2. He plans to get the nursery organised in week 39. HAHAHAHAHA!

3. He still goes drinking every weekend until 7 o'clock in the morning.

4. 'Savings? No, no, that is not really necessary for those few diapers"

5. If you show nursing pads to him, he walks to the coffee machine because he thinks they are coffee pads.

6. He regularly say he will be happy when you have given birth 'because you can have sex again a few days afterwards'.

7. Every morning he complains that he has to get up so early for work. Just wait…

8. He thinks that two hours after the first contractions, you are outside again with a child in your arms and in the evening you will have the food ready again at six o'clock.

9. He wonders why you get maternity leave.

10. If you wake it up at night when you have to urinate and make too much noise, he becomes grumpy because it needs rest. Again, just wait.

11. If you ask him once to feed your rabbit, forget about it.

12. He says that he is looking forward to you having your old figure back after your birth. HAHAHAHA!

13. He thinks that your breasts will look like this forever.

14. If you say that you have to go and shop the most important basic things for your future baby, he will bring you booklets, cuddly toys and a children's bicycle.

15. He says he thinks the worst part will be the dirty diapers. Oh boy.

16. He still does not understand the difference between a maternity nurse and an obstetrician.

17. He is happy when you are finished with your maternity leave because 'normal life can start again'.

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