16 signs you're really ready to give birth already

16 signs you

'I have such a sore back!' has become your warcry in the past few weeks, as your belly has gotten huge and started to annoy you. Here are 16 signs you'll recognise when you're heavily pregnant.

You sigh with every step you take.

You live next door to the supermarket and have your groceries delivered.

You now know the whole pregnancy book off by heart.

You no longer feel like a hot mom-to-be, more like a big wobbly whale.

Your husband can not wait until the baby is there. Not because it's so wonderful, but because you won't stop complaining about about your big ankles, humongous belly and everything you can not do anymore.

You've watched all of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars and Dexter.

In the baby room is not only a chest of drawers and a bedside table but also five teddybears, a spinning musician, wall paintings, a wardrobe, a nameplate, a box of diapers and billiards, a ton of baby clothes and well ... everything else!

You need to wee every time you sneeze.

And that's not the case, you struggle to wee for half an hour!

You are constantly checking to see if your waters have broken.

You wear sportswear from dawn to dusk.

And comfy shoes.

You've been ready for three months, you say.

You only wear Crocs and joggers.

If you have to go to bed in the morning, ask your friend for a crane.

You can't wait for hospital!

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