16 Prejudices against housewives

16 Prejudices against housewives

In the past, every woman stayed at home with her children. How times have changed. Today, mothers who work part-time are socially accepted, whereas mothers who stay at home seem to be villified.

Housewives are lazy.

Housewives have no ambitions.

They are on Facebook all day and watch Pretty Little Liars.

They use children as an excuse to stop working.

They have lots of naps during the day.

They hate moms who work.

They have a rich man, otherwise they could not afford it.

They drink coffee all day with the neighbors.

They have a spotless house; After all, plenty of time to clean and clean.

Housewives are poorly educated.

They don't have their own life and all their social gatherings are at school.

They bust their husband's balls.

They all start a website.

They make their children spoiled because they do everything for him / her.

Staying home is super easy, like a permanent vacation.

And most of the time: housewives have it easy, as they can concentrate totally on the children.

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