16 Christmas gift ideas for exhausted parents

16 Christmas gift ideas for exhausted parents

A Michal Kors Bag? A pair of beautiful shoes or a designer watch? No, you as an exhausted mother - or father - are not demanding this year at Christmas. The only thing you want under the Christmas tree as a parent are the following things ...

One hour a day a day of quality sleep.

Colleagues / friends / family / who DO NOT interfere with the upbringing of your child.

A solution for babies who cry all night.

A cleaning lady.

A laundry basket that empties itself.

A day of unlimited Netflix.

One day alone in the house by yourself.

More days off work when your children go to school. Much more.

A day off without stress in the morning.

Your body from before pregnancy.

A shortened todler period.

Your old libido.

A night with friends or girlfriends without being exhausted by 22:30



Just once, the time to go to the bathroom without interruption.

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