15 things he does without complaining when you're pregnant

15 things he does without complaining when you

Let's be honest: the pregnancy period is a period that's all about you. That's annoying for your loved one, but it's even more annoying to try to sleep with a belly like a melon, push a child out of a hole that is too small, and not be able to sit down for a long time.

So in short: men, you have nine months to make our lives as easy as you can. Don't know how? Here are some tips.

1. Drive us to the McDonalds in the middle of the night because we have pregnancy cravings.

2. Do what needs done in the nursery. We'll advise, but you do the screwing and hammer please!

3. Get the groceries.

4. Sleep on the couch when you snore.

5. Cook!

6. Tie our laces, we just can't reach anymore.

7. Shave your upper legs in the shower, and maybe even remove all the fuzz. It can sting!

8. Give us a massage please.

9. Make us breakfast in bed.

10. Try not to argue, we're emotional.

11. Feed the pets, it's good practice for feeding baby!

12. Dress the other kids, if you have any.

13. Give us a foot rub.

14. Kiss us goodnight.

15. Please compliment us, we feel like pigs with acne sometimes.

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