15 pictures of the cake smash!

15 pictures of the cake smash!

The first birthday of your baby is a very special one, it's always the case. Childbirth is still fresh in your memory and that first year is so overwhelming. All those milestones, all those first times and now the first birthday. I would do anything to give my child a beautiful first birthday, the same as any parent would.

For ideas, I lurked the internet and soon learned that there was a tradition from America coming our way. The cake smash! Pictures of babies inside the colored cakes, with balloons and tutus really got me thinking. I didn't do it, but I think it's a wonderful idea. You can also use the pictures for the invitation to your child's first birthday, so it's a good idea to do the shoot ahead of time.

1. A pink collage

2. So cute

3. Topless in tutu

4. Super romantic with roses

5. The little pilot

6. Playing with the duckies

7. In jeans

8. FOXY!

9. Colour explosion!

10. Delicious jewelry!

11. Blue smurf

12. With a hat

13. Out camping

14. The little damsel


15. Mom-smash

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