15 of the most beautiful baby's rooms

15 of the most beautiful baby

When I was pregnant, I loved to spend ALL my free time on Pinterest. Whole hard drives have been filled with the most beautiful pictures in the area of ​​baby rooms. That addiction has never really disappeared. I still like to spend my time there when I have a moment for myself (read: when I'm sitting on the toilet ...). I find nice outfits, treats for birthdays but now also ideas for children's rooms because my daughter is ready for a real toddler bed. 

Because I found some beautiful pearls during my search for baby and children's rooms, here are some of my favourites.

1. In the clouds

2. Tipi temperament

3. Less is more!

4. Pompoms and light bulbs

5. Under the stars

6. Stylish and tough

7. Spot on!

8. Swing it baby

9. Wildlife

10. Pretty in pastel

11. Sweet bunny.

12. Authentic is the new black

13. Stylishly rounded

14. Nostalgia with a touch of ochre

15. What WOOD you do?


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