14 ways you know your hormones are haywire

14 ways you know your hormones are haywire

Your pregnancy is a great period according to many Mamma magazines. Sure it is, but boy those hormones! Here are 14 signs that hormones are going crazy in your body

1. Where you are normally very calm and polite, you now lose your temper at the drop of a hat.

2. You thought you knew what it was like to be sick (read: having had a hangover often enough), but now you're vomiting all day every day.

3. Where you originally finished your make-up in fifteen minutes, you now spend an extra half an hour popping pimples and layering on that foundation.

4. Not to mention the pregnancy mask!

5. You cry at the opening scene of Titanic / Bambi / Frozen.

6. Every joke about your big belly is answered with a growl and angry look that even President Putin would be afraid of.

7. Normally you're messy and scruffy, but now your home is like a showhome!

8. Pooping? You have not done that for a few months.

9. Sweating. It's like there's a swimming pool in you just waiting to come out.

10. Once upon a time you were a health chick whose Instagram feed was full of quinoa and green smoothies. But now you eat a pack of sugared donuts a day for breakfast with a smoothie of cola and orange juice.

11. Your 'beauty sleep' starts on average at 8 o'clock in the evening. You did not know that you can be so tired without the baby being there at all to keep you awake at night.

12. While you said to your husband three minutes ago that you think he is so wonderful-beautiful-handsome-loving-fantastic, you are now raging against him because he is scratching his toes

13. You can not choose between those baby stroller brands, and get upset at it all.

14 You cry because your jeans don't fit anymore.

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