14 things that happen on maternity leave

14 things that happen on maternity leave

Months off work!. That has not happened since your first job at the bakery around the corner when you were fifteen! Beforehand, you wonder how you will fill your time and how those months will go. We'll look into our crystal ball and tell you what's coming...

During your maternity leave:

You become obsessed with coffee and cake. You now know the best coffee shops in your city by heart, including the price you pay for your latte macchiato.

You say goodbye to half of your wardrobe. Especially the tops. Yuck.

You already know the entire Netflix database by heart. Making a Murderer, House of Cards, Nashville: Netflix has no more secrets for you.

In the meantime you have walked so many rounds in the park behind your house that do it with your eyes closed. How so? In the gym you are looked at as if you are hiding a bomb under your shirt and so you walk in the park instead.

You roam the internet all day to see if there is anything wrong with your preparation and you will always read all the scary childbirth stories.

Your whole house is full of maternity packages and mummy magazines.

Every day you buy something new that has something to do with your baby: if they are not baby clothes, then they are maternity dressings or nursing pads.

You have also changed the layout of the baby room thirty-five times, supplemented with unnecessary knick-knacks.

Once the baby is there you wonder if you will ever leave the house. Just going to the supermarket for the groceries becomes a kind of military mission.

You have not bought anything for yourself for weeks, but your baby has enough clothes to run a fashion show three times a day.

Your Facebook news feed has turned into one big baby group with updates of baby sites baby forums, baby shops and your own baby photos.

No matter how much you try to time all activities, your baby will always go to sleep when you arrive somewhere and wake up when you just want to take a nap.

You walk and meet with your mommy friends as if you were one big mother hen. In the past, you found all those groups of mothers with their baby babble horrible, now you can not get enough of it.

At the end of your leave you will look forward to working again, which you could not imagine a few weeks before.

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