12 embarrassing things I did during my pregnancy

12 embarrassing things I did during my pregnancy

Being pregnant is a lot of fun, but often tiring and awkward at times. That's why you have to make it as fun as possible for yourself, but the results can be unexpected!

Not only did I say that I can not change the litter box during my pregnancy, I have said that I can not change the cage of the parrot. My husband simply believed it without checking it, and faithfully cleaned the shelter of the animals every time.

While traveling with public transport, I did not know how far out my stomach was and how hard I had to puff to get a seat each time. 

I proclaimed it loudly to friends when I needed certain things for the little ones. They were there two weeks later with a pile of rompers in front of my door.

I had my friend bake hamburgers in the evening before going to bed because I was 'so hungry for burgers but too tired to prepare them myself'.

I begged him for back massages.

I cancelled appointments under the guise of 'exhausted by my pregnancy' while this was secretly not the case, but I just felt like an evening of unabashed netflixing.

I ate Whole Rare Things. Chips as breakfast. And sweet and savory together. Now I was allowed to do it myself without guilt.

I completely snapped at the obstetrician. I never insult people, simply because I do not think it is decent, but also because I do not dare to. During my birth, however, I was was angry at everyone and everything.

I often read about horror births. And then of the worst kind. Why?

I occasionally kept my husband distant by ordering things for the baby's room without his knowledge. Oops. Just forget that it was his baby too ...

I was shamelessly talking about my baby in my stomach to colleagues who obviously were not interested at all. I occasionally saw those bored looks in the eye but I just could not resist.

I used appointments with midwives and doctors to leave work earlier or to work at home more often. Hilarious!

During my leave, I watched the most disastrous trash TV. From Barbie's Baby to Guys With A Little One and from Help, My Husband Is Klusser to Jersey Shore. No shame!

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