11 Week old baby dies in car-seat tragedy (A warning)

11 Week old baby dies in car-seat tragedy (A warning)

Tragedy has affected the Dodd family; their child, Shepard, died from a tragic carseat related accident after he fell asleep in his seat. This accident came out of the blue, but happens more commonly than thought. Shepard's parents are determined to bring awareness to other parents, to help minimise the risk of more such accidents occuring.


Shepard had spent that day happily in daycare, a loving place with qualified and caring staff. When it came to Shepard's nap time, he was cradled to sleep and put in his car-seat by a carer. The staff member thought this was the best course of action, considering Shepard's sniffles and blocked nose. It was thought that the child would sleep more soundly if surrounded by something familiar and comfortable - his car-seat fit this bill perfectly, and so the decision was an entirely reasonable one at first glance.

No safety belts

As the car-seat was simply sitting safely in the nursery, rather than in a vehicle, the straps were not fastened and young Shepard just sat freely in his chair. As he slept, his head tilted slightly forward, with his chin resting on his chest: this caused his trachea to close. Unfortunately, eleven week old babies are unable to lift their own heads. Eventually, Shepard died from suffocation.

Never put your baby in a carseat to sleep!

The carer's intentions were pure; and her thought of young Shepard getting some sound sleep whilst in the comfort of his car-seat seemed sound at the outset. However, car-seats have been designed to transport children with the straps and belts properly affixed; had this been done, young Shepard may have come to no harm. It is never advisable to keep a baby in a car-seat for any extended length of time.

The same applies for swivel and high-chairs.

What applies to a car-seat also applies to other seating for young children: high-chairs with built-in tables, swivels chairs, and all the rest. When these devices are used, you must be sure to follow all the relevant safety instruction, with belts fastened, and baby's head back and not resting chin to chest.

Shepard's parents wish to raise awareness.

Baby Shepard's parents seek to raise awareness of this type of accident to other parents and anyone else looking after children. Hopefully, their message reaches a global audience, and educates the people on the dangers of misusing car-seats.

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