10 things you will miss once your family is complete

10 things you will miss once your family is complete

You have a child or three, and now you have the feeling that your family is complete. No more babies for you and that's fine: you are going into a whole new phase in your life.

Nevertheless, you will certainly miss a few things, from time to time. For example, think of these things:

1. 'Trying for a child' is special and exciting. Not always fun (because month after month waiting for that second line can take away a lot of fun), but certainly in the beginning the "trying" itself is a nice boost.

2. The rush that you feel when you have a positive pregnancy test is indescribable. It worked!

3. The wonderful feeling of fantasizing about your little one. Will it be a boy or girl? Who will it look like? What are we going to call it?

4. To tell the good news to family and friends is something indescribable. The tears in the eyes of your mother and the firm yet soft hug of your father when you bring the good news will never be equalled...

5. No longer having to keep your stomach in, buy clothes to accentuate your stomach, pregnancy poops, patting your belly, feeling the kicking ... all fine things that you will not experience anymore.

6. And all those wonderful scans! Full of expectation your heart beats when you get a mountain of gel smeared on your belly: you may once again watch your baby! How special is it to see that little bean becoming more and more like a real person?

7. The pain of childbirth may be something you would miss like toothache, but the moment your baby is put on your chest is by far one of the most beautiful moments of your life. If you will not have children anymore, you will no longer experience what it is like to get to know your little one for the first time, to hear him or her cry.

8. Cuddle time on the couch with a newborn on your breast. Those days are gone. Your children want to discover the world. Unfortunately!

9. And think of all those special first milestones! From the well-known milestones to the much too underestimated, but all the more special moments in the life of your child. Fortunately there will also be a lot to follow, but that first smile, the first step and the first word ... Fortunately, you still have the pictures!

10. "Aahhh what a sweetheart!" in the supermarket you are addressed at least every time with baby and complimented with your beautiful child. Oh well.

What do you miss most when your family is complete?

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