10 things that parents of children of the same sex don't want to hear

10 things that parents of children of the same sex don

In one way or another, parents in Western culture seem to have a preference for both a son and a daughter. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, but it's all really down to luck. So it's common for parents to have two (or more) sons, or to have only daughters.

Reader Eve (32), mother of three great sons, decided to send us an email with the comments that these parent's really don't want to hear. So if you are thinking of these questions or comments, maybe keep them to yourself:

- "Oh, would not you rather have a boy and a girl?"

- "Oh maybe you'll have one on your third/fourth/eighth?"

- "What a pity you can never shop at the girls department!"

- "Two daughters? Be prepared for arguments!"

- "Three sons? Oh dear, good luck! "

- "Oh you're pregnant again, let's hope it's not another ..."

- "Haha, plenty of trips to ballet/boxing club for you!"

- "A house full of men, do not you feel lonely being the only girl?"

- "Ah, thankfully you already have blue baby clothes, you do not need anything for the second one!"

- "Another girl? Oh, okay. That's nice too, I suppose."

Every mother is fond of her children, regardless of gender. It would be nice if the outside world could understand that too. Not everybody wants a boy and a girl!

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