10 signs that you have found the right baby name

10 signs that you have found the right baby name

Finding a good baby name is not easy, but luckily you have months to think about it. Are you still doubting whether you have found the good name? Go down this checklist and know for sure!

  1. It's nothing silly, like Bananabread or Playstation (yes, real baby names!)
  2. Check the initials, you don't want VD or WC!
  3. You both like the name and are 100% behind it
  4. The name is easy to pronounce, even if the baby, for example, is traveling or studying abroad
  5. The name is also fairly easy to spell, so that the child does not always run into problems at school and at institutions
  6. The name has passed the Google test. In other words, there are no negative associations with the name, such as an addicted celebrity, a serial killer or something else.
  7. It does not rhyme with an insult. Children can be very mean and you do not want your child to be bullied with his name.
  8. The name isn't too common. It is annoying when three children in his class have the same name
  9. The name fits a baby but also with an adult person. Would you, for example, take a member of parliament with this name seriously?
  10. The name fits well with the surname, second name and the names of any brothers and sisters

Did you find picking a name easy?

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