10 problems that affect working mothers

10 problems that affect working mothers

For you there's no such thing as fulltime motherhood - you knew immediately when the pregnancy test came up positive that you'd continue to take good care of your own money! Except there are always a few hitches...

... your child suddenly becomes very ill in the morning.

... you have to miss that Friday afternoon drink because of your daughter's ballet class when everyone knows that drinks are the ideal opportunity to network and show yourself. Moreover, you also want to be able to talk about receptionist Adrienne who got too drunk at the Christmas party...

... your child is off school again. With your 20 vacation days per year, this means preparing everything way in advance.

... worse: unexpected days off because the teacher is ill and there is no replacement. Where can you leave your children in a minute's notice?

... the teacher of your youngest asks for the 38th time if you can help more often as a reader / school travel supervisor / toilet attendant...you don't ask if she can help with your administration at the office?

... the one day in the week that you do not work is fully booked with visits to doctors, visits to dentists, clearing away rubbish, cleaning the house and taking children to the sports club.

... the day care center wants you to pick up your child at 6 pm at the latest.

... you get the breat pump out and Tina from Accounts storms in while you're milking yourself.

... the morning ritual is another big race against the clock and when you arrive at work you feel like you have run a marathon.

... all your young, pretty, childless colleagues come to work in their tight pencil skirts and on their high heels and you are just happy that you do not have vomit on your disney t-shirt.

What are you running into as a working mum?

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