10 life lessons for your son

10 life lessons for your son

We've compiled a great list of lessons to teach your son. There are 939 things you want to teach him and want him to learn, but we picked out some important ones.

Treat a woman / girl with respect
An important one because you often see this going wrong. Sure, in puberty those hormones soar to high levels, but keep on hammering: treat a girl or a woman with respect. It helps if his own father sets a good example.

Boys can also cry
Big boys do not cry. Whoever invented that, they can take a running jump. Of course, boys may cry! But because from an early age they know that 'real men do not cry', boys do not dare to show emotions later in life, which in fact only leads to pent-up feelings and difficulties. So yes: you can cry.

You have to learn how to communicate
Where girls from time to time often talk the face off you, this is often different in boys. That's not a bad thing, men and women are not the same, but they should learn to communicate in different ways.

You have to work hard for success
Many ambitious boys later want a good career so that they can maintain their family and buy a nice car. And that is not bad at all. But then it is important to make it clear that success does not just throw itself at you. You have to work hard, for many years, and then finally you can reap the benefits.

Love is way more than skin deep
They'll probably learn this the hard way, especially in teenage years, but love isn't all about a pinched waist, big boobs, and a round bottom. Teach them that heart and soul are just as important as looks when it comes to a real relationship.

Treat others as you want to be treated yourself
Sure you will sometimes be angry with someone or badly disappointed, or maybe you want to indulge your own frustrations on someone. But would you like this yourself? No. It is important for your son to realize this and that if you are nice and open to others, this will be reciprocated.

Money does not really make you happy
Where women attach great importance to their appearance, men often tend to attach a lot of value to status and money. And yes, money is very useful and makes life easier, but no: that does not mean that you will be happy. In fact, more money is often more problems. 

Be a father later for your own children
Also important: take responsibility later and take good care of your own children. How often do you hear that the father is not in the picture at all and only once in the month / half-year / year has there been contact. Make it clear that he must be a man later and become a good father for his own offspring!

Without deep valleys, no high peaks
Your son's life will come with unbelievable setbacks that he must learn to deal with. You can not solve everything for him. And that is a good thing too, because that way he learns how he can solve things himself or simply accept them. He also learns that without deep valleys, you can not enjoy the high peaks in his life.

People will disappoint you
Whether it is his beloved, his friends or his colleagues: he will be disappointed by people he loves. This is part of life and yes, that's what it's all about. It is important to continue after the sadness or the anger, and perhaps realize that one does not do it on purpose to hurt you, but sometimes it just happens that way. It's called life.

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