Meaning of Shadow

Shadow is an English name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `happiness`
The name Shadow is most commonly given to American boys.
In Nederland it is (almost) solely given to boys

The name sounds like:

Shadya, Shadia, Shadi, Shade, Shadai, Shadae,, Shadoe, Shadd, Shadi, Shade, Shaday

Similar names are:

Shaw, Chad, Chadd, Chayo, Chano, Shawn, Shaun, Shane, Saad, Shaul, Shaan, Shabat, Shai, Shaka, Shan, Shann, Shandy, Shandey, Shayne, Shayn, Shaine, Shani, Shaque, Shaq, Shashi, Shasta, Shawnn, Shays, Shaye, Shay, Shae, Shiloh, Shyloh, Shylo, Shilo, Shoda,

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