Meaning of Wendi

Wendi is an English name for girls.
The meaning is `white, fair, blessed`
The name Wendi is most commonly given to American girls.
Wendi is given to boys and girls in Nederland

What do they use in other countries?

Gwen (NAMES_Wels, English)
Gwenn (French)
Wendy (English)
Gwyn (NAMES_Wels)

The name sounds like:

Wendie, Wenda

Similar names are:

Sandi, Mandi, Andi, Candi, Kandi, Syndi, Sindi, Cyndi, Cindi, Wendee, Jenda, Kenda, Lenda, Lindi, Lyndi, Mindi, Randi, Nedi, Rondi, Welda, Wanda, Wonda, Wandy, Wandis, Wandie, Windy, Wendye, Wendey, Zenda

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