Meaning of Trudie

Trudie is an English name for girls.
The meaning is `strong spear`
The name is very rarely given inthe United States.
The name Trudie is most commonly given to Scottish girls.

The name sounds like:

Trudi, Trude, Trudye

Similar names are:

Prudie, Bradie, Bridie, Brydie, Brodie, Drucie, Fredie, Tildie, Rudie, Tandie, Taddie, Teddie, Tracie, Trudey, Truda, Trule

See also:

Gertrudis, Gertrudes, Geltrude, Gertrúd, Trudi, Gertrud, Gertraud, Kerttu, Gertrude, Gertie, Trudy, Gertruida

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