Meaning of Tavy

Tavy is a Latin name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `eighth`
The name is very rarely given inthe United States.

Tavy is at number in the top 50 of girls (average of 10 years data)

The name sounds like:

Davy, Tava

Similar names are:

Tacy, Tasa, Tony, Dacy, Keavy, Hava, Tiny, Daly, Dany, Day, Evy, Evvy, Fay, Gavi, Ivy, Livy, Mave, Nava, Tash, Tavie, Tavia, Rivy, Ta-, Tabby, Tacey, Tace, Taffy, Taya, Taja, Taji, Tally, Tali, Tal, Tama, Tammy, Tami, Tam, Tani, Tana, Tara, Tate, Tait, Ta

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