Meaning of Shene

Shene is a Hebrew name for girls.
The meaning is `God is gracious`
The name is very rarely given inthe United States.
The name Shene is -as far as we know- only given to Dutch girls.

What do they use in other countries?

Siobhan (Irish)

The name sounds like:

Shane, Shena, Shone

Similar names are:

Lene, Sheva, Sheba, Shanel, Sherie, Sheri, Chele, Sherey, Sher, Chere, Shery, Sheree, Shevone, Dene, Gene, Rene, Sheena, Shell, Raene, Reene, Sena, Shade, Sheina, Shayne, Shanie, Shani, Shanee, Shana, Shaine, Shaena, Shalene, Shan-, Shan, Shante, Shanae

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