Meaning of Shainah

Shainah is a Jewish name for girls.
The meaning is `beautiful`
The name is very rarely given inthe United States.
The name Shainah is -as far as we know- only given to American girls.

What do they use in other countries?


The name sounds like:

Shannah, Shanah, Shawnah, Shaunah, Shaynah

Similar names are:

Chanah, Chaanah, Chaninah, Channah, Rainah, Shawna, Sharina, Shannae, Shanay, Shakina, Shahnaz, Shaila, Sheina, Shayna, Shana, Shaine, Shaena, Shalina, Shanae, Shanna, Shannan, Shawnae, Shauna, Shaylah, Sheenah, Shilah, Sheilah, Shirah, Shonah, Sannah

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