Meaning of Rama

Rama is a Hindustani name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `pleasing, supreme`
The name Rama is most commonly given to French girls. (4 times more often than to American girls.)
Although in most countries Rama is a name given to girls. In the United States, 1 out of 9 Rama`s are boys.

The name sounds like:

Rayma, Rima, Roma,, Rami, Ramy

Similar names are:

Raja, Cam, Ras, Ham, Kam, Rabi, Raham, Rad, Rafe, Rafi, Rai, Rain, Rajah, Raj, Raul, Raff, Ramos, Rahm, Ramey, Ramon, Rayman, Ramsay, Ramzi, Ravi, Ray, Raye, Rae, Rane, Remy, Remo, Remi, Rab, Roman, Rome, Sam, Samy, Samm, Sami, Sima, Tam

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