Meaning of Nora

Nora is an Irish name for girls.
The meaning is `honor`
The name Nora is most commonly given to Norwegian girls.
Nora is at number 2 in the top 50 of Norwegian girls (average of 10 years data)

What do they use in other countries?

honor (NAMES_Aust)
Noora (Finnish)

The name sounds like:

Nira, Nore, Nera, Nura, Noura

See also:

Noreen, Annora, Eleanor, Helen, Honor, Leonor, Honoria, Leonora, Eleonora, Norina, Onora, Eleonore, Leonore, Eléonore, Lenore, Nellie, Nelle, Ellie, Nelly, Elenora, honor, Elinor, Eleonor, Eleanora, Eleanore, Honora, Elea

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