Meaning of Mazey

Mazey is an English name for girls.
The meaning is `perl, light`
The name Mazey is most commonly given to English and Welsh girls. (3 times more often than to American girls.)

The name sounds like:

Macey, Macy, Maicy, Maicey, Macee, Mazie, Maisy, Maisey

Similar names are:

Kasey, Kacey, Casey, Dacey, Cacey, Cazzy, Jacey, Jazzy, Lacey, Mave, Mady, Maddy, Maery, Maguy, Maggy, Maggey, May, Maydey, Malea, Mame, Marcy, Marsey, Marcey, Mare, Maree, Mary, Matty, Maxy, Maye, Mae, Mally, Tacey

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