Meaning of Mariella

Mariella is an Italian name for girls.
The meaning is `star of the sea, beauty`
The name Mariella is most commonly given to English and Welsh girls. (2 times more often than to American girls.)

If it's too long you might use:


What do they use in other countries?

Marley (English)
Marlee (English )
Maria (Spanish)
Mare (Dutch)
Maika (Russian)
Marlen (German)
Maren (Frisian, Scandinavian)
Madeline (English)
Mariel (Dutch)
Mari (NAMES_Wels, Finnish, Hungarian)
Maris (English)
Maike (Frisian, German, Dutch)
Madelyn (English)
Madeleine (French)

The name sounds like:

Marilla, Marielle, Mariela, Marella, Muriella

Similar names are:

Marivella, Marvella, Marcella, Marsiella, Marsella, Maribella, Maricella, Marinella, Marisella, Martella

See also:

Maritza, Marita, Maria, Marietta, Mimi, Maja, Meike, Mitzi, Maike, Mariette, Mary, Mieke, Mia

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