Meaning of Maire

Maire is an Irish name for girls.
The meaning is `star of the sea, beauty`
The name Maire is most commonly given to Dutch girls. (2 times more often than to American girls.)

What do they use in other countries?

Marley (English)
Marlee (English )
Maria (Spanish)
Mare (Dutch)
Maika (Russian)
Marlen (German)
Maren (Frisian, Scandinavian)
Madeline (English)
Mariel (Dutch)
Mari (NAMES_Wels, Finnish, Hungarian)
Maris (English)
Maike (Frisian, German, Dutch)
Madelyn (English)
Madeleine (French)

The name sounds like:

Maira, Mair, Muire, Moire, Maure, Mairi

Similar names are:

Maime, Mira, Marra, Mara, Kaira, Daira, Mari, Eire, Laure, Loire, Mave, Maicy, Maicey, Macie, Macee, Maude, Madge, Madira, Madra, Maery, Maeve, Mai, Maia, Maiah, Maida, Maidie, Mairim, Maisie, Mazie, Maizie, Maisy, Maisey, Maisee, Maiya, Mamie, Mayme, Mam

See also:

Mairin, Maureen, Moira, Mari, Mair, María, Màiri, Marya, Masha, Maryam, Mariam, Moirrey, Miriam, Maria, Moyra, Máirín, Mária, Mara, Malia, Mele, Maleah, Marie, Maija, Maryanne, Maryann, Mollie, Rosemary, Molly, Marylou, Mariel, Marian, Marion, Mami

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