Meaning of Lynnae

Lynnae is a Scandinavian name for girls.
The meaning is `lime tree`
The name Lynnae is -as far as we know- only given to American girls.

The name sounds like:

Lynne, Lynae, Linnae, Lynna

Similar names are:

Lannie, Lannah, Lanna, Lynah, Lyna, Cynnie, Wynne, Wynnie, Jennae, Jannae, Jonnae, Lanae, Lenna, Lynndie, Lynnda, Lynn, Lynde, Lynda, Lynnzey, Lynnsey, Lynnet, Lynnea, Lynea, Linnaea, Linna, Lenae, Lonnie, Lonna, Lyndee, Lynzie, Lynzee, Lynlee, Linnie, Re

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