Meaning of Luise

Luise is a German name for girls.
The meaning is `beroemde krijger`
The name Luise is most commonly given to Dutch girls.

What do they use in other countries?

Louie (English)
Lovis (Scandinavian)

The name sounds like:

Lise, Luisa, Loise

Similar names are:

Leese, Alise, Laine, Lize, Liese, Elise, Lyse, Lusa, Lisl, Lisel, Lisa, Leisa, Ilise, Lois, Laisey, Loire, Loyise, Lowise, Louisa, Lluisa, Luane, Lusile, Lucile, Lusine, Lucine, Lucie, Luce, Luiza, Lupe, Rise, Suse

See also:

Laoise, Ouida

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