Meaning of Loraine

Loraine is a French name for girls.
The meaning is `merciful, bird, bay leaf`
The name Loraine is most commonly given to Dutch girls. (6 times more often than to American girls.)

What do they use in other countries?


The name sounds like:

Laraine, Lorine, Lorayne, Loraina, Lorain, Leraine

Similar names are:

Corrine, Corine, Korrine, Korine, Dorine, Laine, Norine, Ygraine, Jeraine, Larraine, Larine, Lareine, Larayne, Laraene, Lorrie, Lorie, Lorene, Lauraine, Loralle, Lorrin, Lorne, Lorin, Larsine, Loirane, Loranna, Lurline, Loralie, Loralee, Lorrina, Loreene,

See also:

Lorayne, Lori, Lorainne, Lauraine, Laraine, Lareyna

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