Meaning of Loraina

Loraina is a French name for girls.
The meaning is `merciful, bird, bay leaf`
The name Loraina is most commonly given to Dutch girls. (3 times more often than to American girls.)

What do they use in other countries?


The name sounds like:

Loranna, Lorrina, Lorraina, Loraine, Lorain

Similar names are:

Korina, Corrina, Korrina, Corina, Dorina, Doreina, Norina, Karaina, Laina, Larina, Laraine, Lareina, Lorna, Lorita, Lorine, Lorinda, Lorena, Lorrin, Lorin, Larsina, Lovina, Lorenna, Loreanna, Loriana, Loria, Lorrna, Lorayne, Leraine, Louanna, Zorina, Zora

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