Meaning of Linnae

Linnae is a Scandinavian name for girls.
The meaning is `lime tree`
The name Linnae is most commonly given to Dutch girls. (9 times more often than to American girls.)

The name sounds like:

Lynnae, Linnaea, Linna, Linnie

Similar names are:

Minna, Linda, Lina, Linah, Liannah, Lianna, Liana, Lannie, Lannah, Lanna, Vinnie, Lindie, Binnie, Sinnie, Cinnie, Dinae, Dinnie, Ginna, Jinnie, Ginnie, Ginnee, Winnie, Winne, Jinae, Jennae, Jannae, Jinna, Jinnee, Jonnae, Kinna, Lanae, Lianne, Lenna, Liane

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