Meaning of Leeann

Leeann is an English name for girls.
The name Leeann is most commonly given to American girls.

The name sounds like:

Leeanne, Leann

Similar names are:

Deeann, Leana, Leena, Deeanna, Deeana, Deann, DeeAnn, Deeane, Joeann, Keeana, Leyanne, Leianne, Lee-Ann, Leanne, Leeona, Levana, Levanna, Lewana, Lewanna, Liann, Leiana, Leeahnne, Logann, Luann, Louann, Raeann, Reeanne, Sueann

See also:

Leann, Leanne, Leanna

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