Meaning of Krystie

Krystie is a Latin name for girls.
The meaning is `follower of Christ`
The name Krystie is most commonly given to Scottish girls. (3 times more often than to American girls.)

The name sounds like:

Crystie, Krystle, Krystine, Krystee, Kristie, Krysti, Krystin

Similar names are:

Krystia, Krissie, Krystah, Krysta, Chrystie, Kristien, Krystka, Krystina, Krystal, Kristine, Kristin, Kristi, Kirstie, Crystine, Cristie, Kryssi, Krystyne, Krystene, Crystin, Krysty, Kristee, Khristie, Kristle, Khrystle, Krystyn, Krysten, Krystel

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