Meaning of Kamyla

Kamyla is a Latin name for girls.
The meaning is `flowering, flourishing`
The name Kamyla is most commonly given to American girls.

What do they use in other countries?

Camille (French)
Mille (Scandinavian)
Camila (Spanish)
Kamille (English)

The name sounds like:

Kamila, Camyla

Similar names are:

Kayla, Kyla, Kalla, Kala, Kamilka, Kamilia, Camylla, Camyll, Camila, Camela, Camala, Karlla, Karla, Karmela, Karyll, Karyl, Katla, Cayla, Gayla, Jamila, Jamela, Kamara, Kaila, Kaela, Kalila, Kama, Kamea, Kamelia, Kamella, Kamilah, Karrla, Keyla, Kaylla, K

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