Meaning of Kajsa

Kajsa is a Swedish name for girls.
The meaning is `blessed, pure, life`
The name Kajsa is most commonly given to Norwegian girls. The chances are 100 times greater that girls are called Kajsa there.

The name sounds like:

Kassy, Kassja, Kasi, Kaysy, Kaysi, Kayse, Kassi, Kasy, Kasse, Kasya, Kassia, Kass, Kasja, Kasia, Kacia, Kas, Kazia

Similar names are:

Karisa, Kaija, Kalisa, Karysa, Kelsa

See also:

Catrin, Karin, Catherina, Catalina, Kaia, Ekaterina, Ecaterina, Katarzyna, Kari, Reina, Catarina, Caterina, Catriona, Caitria, Katalin, Aikaterine, Katarina, Katharine, Katrine, Katarine, Käthe, Katja, Katharina, Katariina, Kaisa, Catherine, Kathy, Kathr

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