Meaning of Janiel

Janiël is a name for boys and girls.
The name Janiel is most commonly given to American boys.
Although in most countries Janiel is a name given to boys. In the United States, 1 out of 38 Janiel`s are girls.

The name sounds like:

Jannel, Janel

Similar names are:

Janie, Daniele, Daniela, Fauniel, Janine, Janina, Janika, Janielle, Jael, Jayil, Jayel, Janne, Jannie, Janica, Janae, Janea, Janaeh, Janaea, Jane, Jonie, Jenie, Jeanie, Jaynie, Janney, Janit, Janise, Janis, Janice, Jania, Janey, Janet, Janee, Janela, Jane

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