Meaning of Jacy

Jacy is an English name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `healer, God is my saviour`
The name Jacy is most commonly given to American girls.

What do they use in other countries?

Jayce (English)
Jace (English)

The name sounds like:

Jaci, Jacee, Jacie, Jas, Jazzy, Joci, Josy,, Jacey, Jayce, Jaice, Jase, Jazz

Similar names are:

Dacy, Kacy, Cacy, Jacky, Jady, Jany, Jay, Lacy, Macy, Tacy,, Dacy, Jack, Jacky, Jay, Jaco, Jary, Kacy, Lacy, Macy

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