Meaning of Isabella

Isabella is an Italian name for girls.
The meaning is `devoted to God`
The name Isabella is most commonly given to American girls.

If it's too long you might use:

Bel, Bell, Bella, Isy, Izzie, Izzy

What do they use in other countries?

Izzy (English)
Isabelle (English, French, German)
Iza (Dutch)
Ise (Dutch)

The name sounds like:

Ysabella, Isabelle, Izabella, Isobella, Isabell, Isabela

Similar names are:

Sabella, Izabelle, Isobelle, Isobell, Isabelita, Isabele, Rosabella, Ysbella, Ysabelle, Ysabell

See also:

Bella, Marisela, Ibbie

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