Meaning of Ilse

Ilse is a German name for girls.
The meaning is `devoted to God`
The name Ilse is most commonly given to Dutch girls. The chances are 100 times greater that girls are called Ilse there.

It is short for:


What do they use in other countries?


The name sounds like:

Ilyse, Ilise

See also:

Elizabeth, Bethan, Isabel, Elizabeta, Ealasaid, Lis, Lisbet, Elisabet, Elizaveta, Elisabeta, Elzbieta, Ealisaid, Elisabetta, Eilís, Erzsébet, Elisavet, Lili, Liesl, Liesel, Liese, Lisbeth, Liesa, Elli, Lisette, Elspeth, Elspet, Elisabeth, Beth, Bessie

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