Meaning of Evanna

Evanna is a Scottish name for girls.
The meaning is `peaceful`
The name Evanna is most commonly given to French girls. (2 times more often than to American girls.)

What do they use in other countries?


The name sounds like:

Evanne, Evanny, Evana, Evonna, Ivanna

Similar names are:

Elanna, Avianna, Avannia, Avania, Avana, Aivanna, Devanna, Edana, Elayna, Elana, Elaina, Elianna, Erinna, Etana, Evina, Evani, Evadne, Evan, Evannie, Evonne, Evalina, Jovanna, Eleanna, Elonna, Ivana, Ivania, Ivonna, Livanna, Levanna, Vanna, Sevanna, Savan

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