Meaning of Caranda

Caranda is a Latin name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `beloved, friend`
The name is very rarely given inthe United States.

Caranda is at number in the top 50 of girls (average of 10 years data)

The name sounds like:

Corinda, Correnda, Corrinda, Granada, Karenza, Korenda

Similar names are:

Maranda, Barinda, Branda, Calynda, Calinda, Canada, Canda, Carina, Carinna, Cariana, Carenna, Carena, Carlonda, Carna, Carlinda, Clarinda, Carynna, Darinda, Laronda, Larinda, Marianda, Marinda, Miranda, Myranda, Meranda, Zarinda

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