Meaning of Bevie

Bevie is an English name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `from the beaver field`
The name is very rarely given inthe United States.

Bevie is at number in the top 50 of girls (average of 10 years data)

The name sounds like:

Bevvy, Bev

Similar names are:

Bevin, Berrie, Belle, Bebe, Bee, Beate, Beatie, Beige, Belvia, Bennie, Bessie, Betia, Bettie, Bette, Bonie, Brie, Devi, Bethie, Evvie, Evie, Belia, Ivie, Kevia, Neve, Tavie, Bekkie, Beki, Beckie, Becke, Bobie

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