Meaning of Anaka

Anaka is a name for girls.
The meaning is `gracious, sweet`
The name Anaka is -as far as we know- only given to American girls.

What do they use in other countries?


The name sounds like:

Anka, Annaka, Anaca

Similar names are:

Anafa, Anais, Anda, Aleka, Alika, Amika, Ana, Anica, Anani, Anya, Anna, Anat, Anath, Anela, Anakela, Angla, Ania, Aniya, Anicka, Aunika, Annika, Anneka, Anima, Anina, Anisa, Anita, Aneta, Anuska, Anona, Anki, Anke, Aniko, Anja, Anora, Antia, Aranka, Arika

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