Meaning of Alessia

Alessia is an Italian name for girls.
The meaning is `protector of the people`
The name Alessia is most commonly given to Italian girls.
Alessia is at number 8 in the top 50 of Italian girls (average of 10 years data)

The name sounds like:

Alessa, Alessi, Alyssia

Similar names are:

Aleshia, Anessa, Alesta, Aletia, Alethia, Allessa, Alexia, Alyssa, Alysia, Allysia, Alissa, Alecia, Alisia, Alishia, Alesha, Aleisha, Aleesha, Aleesa, Aleecia, Aloisia, Aloysia, Elyssia, Elissia, Aleeysia

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