Meaning of Agata

Agata is an Irish name for girls.
The meaning is `good, honorable`
The name Agata is most commonly given to Italian girls. The chances are 100 times greater that girls are called Agata there.

The name sounds like:

Agate, Agota, Agatta

Similar names are:

Amata, Agapi, Agape, Agotha, Agathi, Agathe, Agafia, Agacia, Agace, Agave, Aglaia, Agoti, Agote, Agot, Agneta, Agna, Agafi, Aleta, Alita, Alta, Allta, Amada, Amita, Anat, Anita, Aneta, Areta, Asta, Kata

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